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Our Top 3 Annoying Numbers in the UK

Another week and another list of annoying callers, who stubbornly deal your number to either collect some unknown debts, desperately ask you for your opinion and your living situation or they simply want to hear your voice, not saying anything and call you every hour of the day. That’s what determination is all about. Our Users should copy that attitude and be determined to not be tricked by some scammers or to reveal their personal information to some strangers. Don’t be discouraged by that permanent ringing and try to fight against it in your own way.

1. 02036170540 from London, perceived as harassment
2. 01204374932 from Bolton, perceived as harassment
3. 02024568745 from London, perceived as harassment

The first number 02036170540 seems to belong to the British Advisory Board or to the Domestic Energy Valuation. That’s not really clear but the call is always about your Gas and Electricity situation and all they do ist asking some questions about it. A lot of people are wary to answer the call or the questions but if you wnat them to stop calling you, you’ll have to talk to them and find out, what the calls are all about.

It was about my Gas and Electricity, who was my provider and such. It was more like a survey and she just asked me some questions and thats it. I don’t know if they’re gathering data or something but the permanent ringing is somewhat annoying. But she didn’t call after that call so maybe it’s over

The second number 01204374932 is a dubious one from the National Advice Service. It seems to pursue the task to tell the ones it calls, that there is some debt or payment on their name. No further information is given so our users are as confused as they were before they answered the call.

The caller didn’t identify by name, but said that he was from the „National Advice Service calling about an Industrial claim payment“. I asked what they were talking about and how they got my number, but they wouldn’t say anything else other than that this was the number they had been provided with. When I asked by WHO, they tried to change the subject. They wouldn’t let me talk much after that, but I tried to make it clear that I didn’t wish to be called anymore and hung up. Still, there is another missed call from the number already on my phone. What does it take for them to stop?!

And on the third place is the number 02024568745 which doesn’t have a single owner or it simply uses different names to call the people. It’s objective is also unclear because they just give the silent treatment to everyone they call, not revealing, what they want from them.

permanent calls and the silent treatment. I don’t get what they’re trying to accomplish with that attitude. Then when someone finally said something it was from a finance department or another time something about a loan…I’m sure now that they’re scammers and just want some personal information.

If you do receive such nuisance calls then don’t hesitate to warn others about untrustworthy numbers. Together you can gather the information you migth need.

Your Caller-Rating team

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