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The Top 3 Annoying numbers for you from the UK

This week, the nuisance calls are perfectly fit to be called that way because they do annoy you for months without any purpose. You’re running and sprinting to your phone and in most cases it’s too late. But then one day you can actually make it but what do your receive for this accomplishment? Just a „Goodbye“ and that’s it.

1. 02078700199 from London, perceived as harassment
2. 01619723654 from Manchester, perceived as harassment
3. 01172090021 from Bristol, perceived as harassment

The first number 02078700199 seems to be from Consumer lifestyle but the calls don’t serve any purpose, at least not one, which is obvious beside to drive you mad.

The first few times I didn’t make it to the phone but by the third time I did and there was just a „Goodbye“. I don’t understand what kind of call that is. It sounded like an automated voice. That explains why the calls come again and again…the system just deals the numbers countless times. or maybe it’s a ppi call? I looked it up and found that name but it still doesn’t make sense to me. this is just harassment

The second number 01619723654 can belong to harrison brooks. This isn’t really clear because if you try to call back, all what your hear is some music.

The calls partly late at night and then when I tried to call back I heard just music and some mumbling…Well I don’t know what that was about but the calls restarted on the next day. I don’t plan to take it

And the last number 01172090021 seems to be an PPI call which is obviously designed to drive you mad. even those who have new numbers are not spared.

These are PPI calls! I don’t even understand how my number got mixed up in this. It’s new and I Just moved here a few months ago so why? This is really persistent and borders on harassment

If you do receive such calls then reseacrh them and comment on them so others won’t be helpless

Your Caller-Rating team

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