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The Week’s Top Three Telepests

Greetings tellows troops! A range of numbers to watch out for this week, from insulation irritation to pension tension. Ever-resourceful, scam callers are still desperately concocting new plots to try and hoodwink you out of your pennies. Stay one step ahead of the game and read on… First up is an old classic. The caller […]

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Top 3 Annoying Numbers in the UK

It seems that call centre and debt companies have joined forces to hold your phone under house arrest. This week’s Top 3 contains the perfect mix of scam callers to keep you on your feet all week. See these calls as a challenge; face them with forbearance and humour and show the callers what you’re […]

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The Top 3 Annoying numbers for you from the UK

This week, the nuisance calls are perfectly fit to be called that way because they do annoy you for months without any purpose. You’re running and sprinting to your phone and in most cases it’s too late. But then one day you can actually make it but what do your receive for this accomplishment? Just […]

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Our Top 3 Annoying Numbers in the UK

Another week and another list of annoying callers, who stubbornly deal your number to either collect some unknown debts, desperately ask you for your opinion and your living situation or they simply want to hear your voice, not saying anything and call you every hour of the day. That’s what determination is all about. Our […]

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The Top 3 Most Annoying Callers in the UK

Coming home from work or school or a day full of other errands, there is nothing better than to just sit back and relax. Unfortunately, the peace and quiet of our homes is frequently disturbed by unsolicited calls that keep the phone ringing and the mind occupied with unwanted telemarketing calls or surveys and, worst […]

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Rating Phone Numbers and Finding Information

Now available to the English-speaking community, Caller-Rating provides an ideal platform to find information about certain phone numbers and/or to share your own experiences with other users online. For those of you who received a call and want to make important details accessible to the community on Caller-Rating, the following helpful features are available: On […]

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