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Top 3 Annoying Numbers in the UK

It seems that call centre and debt companies have joined forces to hold your phone under house arrest. This week’s Top 3 contains the perfect mix of scam callers to keep you on your feet all week. See these calls as a challenge; face them with forbearance and humour and show the callers what you’re made of!

1. 01563503796 from United Kingdom, perceived as neutral
2. 008009529975 from Kilmarnock, perceived as dubious
3. 02071521039 from London, perceived as neutral

The first number 01563503796 belongs to Consumer Lifestyles, whose call centre is utterly relentless. Your wishes are blissfully ignored: the only escape is to just block that number.

Several calls each day. Getting frustrated with CONsumer Lifestyles!

The second place belongs to the number 008009529975 reported to be from either McKenzie Hall or the BCW Group, a debt collection company.

I’m being called for a debt I don’t have. The name is wrong but the number is correct. I’m even getting letters…If they want to see my ID I don’t care anymore. I get it that paying back is important but if you’ve got the wrong person and just terrorize him/her, instead of searching for the real culprit, the money won’t miraculously appear! I can prove that I’m not responsible for that debt but they can’t prove the opposite…

And finally the third number 02071521039 has a mystery owner. He’ll adopt one of two strategies. One is to not speak at all; the other is to speak so fast that the caller has no idea of the name of your company or your purpose for calling anyway.

I didn’t get the name of the company or why they were calling me but I think they wanted to sell something. I just said that I didn’t buy anything on the phone and they hung up. Well at least the call wasn’t that long

If you do receive such calls then research them and comment on them so that others can be saved from having to take the same calls, or at least give them some idea of what to expect!

Have a great week!

Your Caller-Rating team

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