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The Week’s Top Three Telepests

Greetings tellows troops!

A range of numbers to watch out for this week, from insulation irritation to pension tension. Ever-resourceful, scam callers are still desperately concocting new plots to try and hoodwink you out of your pennies. Stay one step ahead of the game and read on…

First up is an old classic. The caller tells you you’ve won something excellent – in this case, an iPad. They hope that in your overjoyed state, you’ll be more receptive to their next suggestion, which is to enter a Euromillions syndicate. This would inevitably involve blithely handing over your bank details and ‚confirming‘ (read: giving) those all-important personal details.

The calls reported are coming from 02073451299. One user was particularly on the ball:

‚You’ve won an iPad!‘ ‚Can you confirm which draw I entered?‘ ‚–Dialling tone‘.

Whilst most of you are wised-up to this kind of tactic, it must be working or they wouldn’t still be calling! Stay savvy, ladies and gents!

The next caller, 01619390448, is quite frankly shameless. One user provides a good summary.

immoral company trying to encourage you to release your pension, not providing any solid legal info – and they don’t even have a website!

It’s always best to look deeper into an issue and focus on what the caller is NOT saying rather than what they are. In this case, it seems that a whopping charge of around 50% can be applicable for prematurely cashed pensions, not to mention those cashed by questionable companies. Beware!

Last of all, we have 01792720230, which has had some of you, er, going through the roof… These friendly souls from Wales are absolutely hell-bent on selling you loft insulation. One user speaks on behalf of many:

one of the things I do NOT enjoy on a Tuesday morning is being wittered at in the Welshest of Welsh accents as somebody tries to bulldoze me into accepting loft insulation.

Whether or not this is a legitimate company (some of you reported it as ‚Nationwide Energy Services‘), they are extraordinarily persistent. It may be worth using your existing insulation to soundproof your office if they get hold of your number.

‚Til next time then folks, keep your wits about you and have a lovely week!

Your tellows team

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