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The Top 3 Most Annoying Callers in the UK

Coming home from work or school or a day full of other errands, there is nothing better than to just sit back and relax. Unfortunately, the peace and quiet of our homes is frequently disturbed by unsolicited calls that keep the phone ringing and the mind occupied with unwanted telemarketing calls or surveys and, worst of all, scams. This week the following numbers have been particularly active in the field of nuisance calls:

1. 02070591411 from London, perceived as harassment
2. 01515150604 from Liverpool, perceived as harassment
3. 01189006500 from Reading, perceived as harassment

Ranking on our first place, number 02070591411 is calling from London. According to user comments, the caller seems to conduct surveys and makes unsolicited calls which most considered harassment. One user reported:

I have received numerous calls from this number. The caller, who had a strong accent, identifies as an employee of „Life Survey“ and asked if I had a few minutes to answer some questions and participate in a survey so that I won’t get any nuisance calls again. I don’t know how, but the man who called knew my name and when I asked how he got my number and the name to match it, he became evasive. So I then asked to remove my information and not to call again, which he refused so I hung up. Why do they bother people?

The second place this week, number 01515150604 makes calls from Liverpool that most of our users have perceived as harassment. Several users reported that the person on the other end of the line claimed that the calls were regarding accident claims, even though most people called were not involved in an accident such as the following user who commented:

I recently received a call from this number, and without really introducing himself, the caller just said that they were conducting surveys as some sort of market research to provide feedback to insurance companies. Then they asked about a car crash that I didn’t have. When I asked them which one he was talking about, he said something about how he was only informed about one, but that we could discuss all my accidents. So I finally told him that I had none, so he politely ended the call.

Last but not least, our third place this week goes to number 01189006500. The calls originating from Reading seem to be made by a PPI claims company, although our users question the authenticity of the calls. Additionally, one user warned about unexpected costs regarding calls:

Another one of those PPI calls – it’s getting bothersome! The number called me yesterday and when I answered, it was a recorded message about PPI claims. Even though I ended the call within 30 seconds, I was charged ₤1.50 roaming fees! This is not the first time that I lose money due to unsolicited nuisance calls! It’s so annoying that it’s gotten to a point where I don’t answer any calls that aren’t already saved in my contact list.

In order to avoid the risk of nuisance calls, be careful who you give your number to. Moreover, if you do receive nuisance calls don’t hesitate to warn others about untrustworthy numbers on Have a nice weekend,

Your Caller-Rating team

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