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Rating Phone Numbers and Finding Information

Now available to the English-speaking community, Caller-Rating provides an ideal platform to find information about certain phone numbers and/or to share your own experiences with other users online. For those of you who received a call and want to make important details accessible to the community on Caller-Rating, the following helpful features are available:

On Caller-Rating you can rate callers according to certain specified criteria. Thereby, you can state whether or not you considered the received call harassment. Additionally, in order to determine the trustworthiness of a number, it is important to state whether or not the caller offered any information on why he is calling and how he obtained your number. Finally, every user can leave a short but definite suggestion as to who might be calling to the community and answer the question: Should I take a call from this number or not?

Of course, you can’t always decide whether it’s one or the other, sometimes you miss the crucial sentence or forget something in the state of agitation – no problem: in case you are indecisive about a question, there is also the option to check “Don’t know”. Thus, the risk of unreliable or downright false data on Caller-Rating is lowered and incomplete information don’t pose a problem to the site. Optionally, you can also leave a comment about the telephone call and the caller along with every rating. Again, we ask you to provide objective and honest information so as to ensure that the comments are useful to the community.

After sending your answers and comments, these details are visible to all other users and help to accumulate more and more detailed and relevant information on phone numbers. All user opinions are aggregated and thus constitute an important component to a reliable rating of phone numbers and callers on Caller-Rating. The location and amount of search requests for each phone number is displayed on the page as well.

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